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The Best Crypto Currency For 2021 & How The DeFi Network Will Rule In 2022...

April 02, 2022

Having Thoughts Of Investing in Crypto?

If not, then the - DeFi - network is for you. The Decentralized bank now known as the DeFi network has presented its newest form of Token which is named after its most powerful exchange option in its network known as the SWAPP - token...

With Bitcoin & Ethereum surging past its all time high of +3,500 points for the year. Uni-swap and the DeFi network has not shown any signs of a slowing down especially now with its numerous coin launches this past year. With one project coming to mind that's impressing the whole crypto market as of late which is the - SWAPP - token.

With SWAPP - riding the coats tails of predecessors like Ethereum & Bitcoin with more and more people interested in investing... The SWAPP - coin has not only caught the eyes of short term investors but as well as deep pockets or should we call them long term investors, better known as giant Whales...

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Crypto Analyst Skeptics along with experts especially during this pandemic have overlooked the power of investing in alternatives such as the DeFi network and what Crypto in-deed can offer. As crypto catches a firestorm or a BUZZ - many more seem to be interested especially in these uncertainty times. As the 

SWAPP - token along with the Uni-Swap seem to be championing the promised gains not just for the short term but for the long term as well.

What Is Swapp? - SWAPP is a fairly-launched community-driven DeFi project built on the notorious Ethereum blockchain. With SWAPP - its developers consisting of talented top business professionals experienced in blockchain, infrastructure and in finance. Swapp will be attempting to democratize the data industry in efforts of making complex financial products less troublesome simple yet accessible and effortless for everyone.

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About: With the average person being bombarded and targeted with 100's if not thousands of ad's per day. Tech giants like facebook and google have been earning billions in revenue while YOU the consumer earns zero. Let me tell you! That ends today... With the - SWAPP - protocol looking towards reinventing the data collection industry by cutting the original middlemen and allowing the sole individual like yourself to monetize your own data... YESSS!!!!! You heard that correct! 

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100% of the profits With majority of earnings stemming from the sale of your data and additional profits resulting from the increase of the token's price. SWAPP's success will be determined overwhelmingly by its popularity and more inevitable with time. If you take into account - the last time YOU or YOUR loved-one have talked about a product (car, clothing, etc.) only to have an advertisement show up for that same product on your phone & computer moments later? 

    This is simply one of the examples on how companies target you and individuals who later turn around and  pay crazy fee to a middleman to provide that exact same data. By Joining - Swapptoday you take back your data! simply install the app, validate, and start getting paid!!!  


Since project launch June 8th:  With the platform getting off to a quick start and the token reaching its all time high of .05 cents. Founders and early investors saw gains of up to 500X on their original investment, meaning a small investment of about $100 dollars would have earned you just about $4,800. With the - SWAPP -token being in full swing and a few months to acquire data, the coin has shown its upward movement and will be expecting to reach its full maturity level here in a few months with a set price of .25 cents by end 2021.

With- SWAPP - gaining popularity in the data collecting sector and proving its just not another - MEME - token, but actually proving its and actual runned business whose  both looked at being lucrative and promising. With its tokenomics reaching its current price of .01 cent and expecting to double in the next months. - SWAPP - is displaying characteristics of a true winner Coin whith an overall passion is in disrupting the data collecting industry by putting back power into the hands of the people. Yet overall the project might sound a little daunting, lets face it... The project is not just another pump and dump coin...

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How does it Work?

With the tokens presenting proof of stake and options for staking. Investors have the option to purchase HOLD or STAKe in the project. With the platform having an option of 3 pools to choose from... members will have the option to either invest in the long or short term according to their needs.


Members have the ability to Earn up to 180% APY on your Digital Assets

The - SWAPP - platform allows users to stake their - SWAPP - lock them up and for a period of time earn interest in the form of - SWAPP - reward.



Time Frame Accumulated Accumulated

Monthly Duration Bonus Monthly Reward

per 12 epoch 0.20 % 11.60 %

per 24 epoch 7.30 % 30.51 %

per 36 epoch 95.92 % 91.54 %

per 48 epoch 448.27 % 72.47 %

per 60 epoch 1,852.46 % 76.28 %

Calculated based on current rates and conservatively projected prices for other years.

  • 1st - 12 EPOCH – Current Price
  • 13th - 24th EPOCH – 0.20 USDC
  • 25th – 36th EPOCH - 0.75 USDC
  • 37th – 48th EPOCH – 0.95 USDC
  • 49th – 60th EPOCH – 1.00 USDC

  • All figures are estimates provided for your convenience only and do not represent a promised rate of return. We are not financial advisors, and this is not financial advice.
  • These prices can change at any point of time these were used only to estimate APY

SWAPP APP: The Swapp app plays a pivotal role within the Swapp ecosystem: (i.) It connects you directly to the companies that want to buy your data; (ii.) It allows you to protect your data if you don’t want it being sold; and (iii.) It allows you to sell/monetize your data to earn Swapp tokens. For more on how to market your own products please visit digital marketing agency near me

Register & Where To Buy...

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Why You Should Buy:

Inflations on The Rise:

With inflation on the rise and more people being fearful of the future. Here in America at least people have gotten a quick start in witnessing the devaluation of their dollar all while watching their government dump out more money to stimulate the economyAs more people watch their hard earned money vanish and purchasing power diminish. Under the old FIAT system, more and more people are becoming lenient when it comes keeping their options open when it comes to investing in crypto. With bitcoin surging over +47,000 points this month, and the public gaining more interest by the day. Older investors with the interest of keeping an eye on crypto for its retirement option, young investors are not trailing far behind. For they too...  seem to be dancing to a similar tune which is to beat out their own Parents on early retirement. Of course thats is if they can beat and time the markets, the only thing perhaps they should worry about is getting in on time before its TOO LATE...

Recent news: The first home Improvement Contractor to collect crypto as payment goes to a texas roofing company...

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